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In The Region Where Madness Dwells

During the Time of Shadows

a Robin Randle Story

In Mason Texas 18 year old Robin Randle grew up in a violent home. That ended the night she watched her father gun down her mother then beat her until the police shot him dead. She was pronounced brain dead and only kept alive by machines. For 7 months she slept and dreamed about a place called The Region. About a need to find a palace filled with starlight. About getting home.

   Never expected to recover she just woke up on a cold and rainy winters day. Her memories of The Region dissolved into bits and pieces of dream-time and a dreary life as a waitress began. A high school drop out and friendless she felt she had little future. Her listless existence began to chip away at her humanity as well as her sanity.

    All that changed on October 1st during her midnight walk home from Mel’s All Night Diner. Something was following her and it didn’t sound human. Then a mysterious man showed up at her door demanding she come with him and hide.

   That was the beginning of the fight for her life as she met with the impossible. Her mind was splintered into 3 impossibly different realities. Memories shattered. While in her coma she hadn’t dreamed. She’d traveled in a land forsaken of hope and populated by monstrous gods and the Prince of the Powers of the Air. Now all seemed bent on her destruction. They’d followed her to Earth. She is called the storm bringer and the one who walks two worlds. She thinks she’s lost her lover and partner in this journey. She slips from world to world. On the run Robin has to unearth the reason for her existence. She races across America and between realities on a journey to unlock memories and discover her true purpose. Lost between darkness and wonder she searches a valley of dying stars a place of the unknowing. A place that should not be. All while living under the stars of madness.

What she doesn’t know is all the souls of the dead are depending on her not to fail.

Book 1 of the Robin Randle Series